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Britain refused to sign an agreement with Russia on recognition of diplomas of education

In the Russian embassy, ​​this was explained by the “anti-Russian campaign” because of the deterioration of relations between the two countries.

The UK blocked the conclusion of an agreement with Russia on mutual recognition of documents on education. This was reported by the press service of the Russian embassy.

The embassy explained the situation with an “anti-Russian campaign” against the background of the deterioration of relations between the two countries. According to diplomats, because of this, Russians fear that their children will be “in an unfriendly environment.”

The report states that those who continue to study tell that in English schools there are “politicized polls and anti-Russian statements of teachers that do not make learning comfortable for Russian students.”

The department is confident that the situation with education in the UK is adversely affected by the “unreasonable policy of the conservative government”. The embassy was reminded that London still “has to calculate the losses” from Brexit.

Earlier, The Telegraph reported a significant decrease in the number of students from Russia in British private schools over the past two years. The publication referred to the data of the Union of Independent Schools of Britain (ISC). In 2015, 2,795 pupils from Russia studied in private British educational institutions, by 2018 their number was reduced to 1699, by almost 40%.

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