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Bill Gates scares the pandemic of the flu and the death of 30 million people

The entrepreneur and the second of the richest people on the planet, Bill Gates, warned of the significant likelihood of a large and deadly pandemic that will fall on our generation. About this potentially new flu, he told the Massachusetts Medical Society. According to Gates, the pandemic can knock out 33 million people in just six months.

Bill Gates noted that if it were a question of any kind of weapon capable of destroying 30 million people, the US government would react as quickly as possible. But there is no urgency with the biological threat of this feeling. In his pessimistic forecasts, the entrepreneur refers to various studies and computer modeling. For example, the Oxford project Global Priorities in one of its reports in 2016 called a pandemic (along with a nuclear war) a high risk of cataclysm that a human civilization may face.

The founder of Microsoft worries that the creators of the virus can become terrorist organizations. He said that he had spoken with Donald Trump about this, but he sent him to the relevant health organizations. From Congress, he managed to obtain additional funding for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, Gates himself through his fund, which includes Larry Page, has allocated a grant of $ 12 million to develop a universal vaccine that can protect against most strains of the influenza virus.

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