Autopilot Tesla helped the owner avoid an accident on the Autobahn in the Netherlands

The Tesla autopilot literally “predicted” an accident on the autobahn in the Netherlands, warning the driver about a possible collision of vehicles ahead of them. This is reported by Electrek.

On the frames taken on the video recorder of the electric car, it is clear how the autopilot sounds a beep, starts to slow down, and after a few seconds an accident occurs ahead.

The collision helped to avoid the new version of firmware 8.0, installed in the electric car. Due to the fact that the autopilot function now uses the radar data more, the sensors reflect the signal from different surfaces and are able to skirt obstacles, that is, look to where the driver can not see – for the car driving in front of him.

The autopilot can also move Tesla within the occupied band when ahead of another car, if it moves close to the border of the strip. Sensors can evaluate the traffic situation in front of two cars that are moving in front of an electric car.

According to the man who uploaded the video to Twitter, nobody was injured in the accident.

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