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“Aeroflot” fired stewardess, who called Kaliningrad Königsberg

The complained passenger did not ask anyone to punish and is sure that the company made a mistake.

Airport Khrabrovo. Photo by @zhenyapro_sto
Airport Khrabrovo. Photo by @zhenyapro_sto

The flight attendant of Aeroflot was fired after she called Kaliningrad the old German name Königsberg during the voyage. The company conducted a check after the tweet of TV presenter and dean of the Higher School of Television of Moscow State University Vitaly Tretyakov, who was dissatisfied with the actions of the airline.

Initially, the journalist was outraged by the situation that occurred on April 25 on the Moscow-Kaliningrad flight. In the tweet, he did not mention someone who could make an unusual ad.

Tretyakov did not ask Aeroflot to punish employees. But after a few hours the airline thanked the client for the signal, and also told that she arranged a check and sacked the stewardess.

The journalist noted that Aeroflot could be mistaken, because, in his opinion, the man read the ad. The airline rejected the words of Tretyakov and said that it was guided by the testimony of several passengers at once.

From the words of the representative of the carrier it is clear that the flight attendant was not officially dismissed for “Königsberg”, but for exceeding her official authority.  turned to Aeroflot for clarifications, but has not received an answer yet.

Tretyakov hoped that Aeroflot did not punish an innocent employee, and once again insisted that the announcement was made by a man. The journalist is ready to confirm his words in court if the dismissed flight attendant appeals to the court with a claim against the former employer. He repeated that he had not asked anyone to punish, but he still criticized the employee’s act.

I do not remember in recent years that the conductors made such announcements. The voice was male. I’m not going to argue, but such an announcement is made by the commander. Not only did I pay attention to this – at least one personally familiar person was flying with me.

In Russian it was said: “The Moscow-Kaliningrad flight is in progress. Then in English: “Moscow-Koenigsberg”. It is an abomination and an abomination. You need to know where to joke and how to joke.

Vitaly Tretyakov
quote on “Says Moscow”

Koenigsberg was transferred to the jurisdiction of the USSR after the end of World War II. In 1946 the city was officially renamed Kaliningrad.

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