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“Yandex”: “The attempt to block Telegram suddenly became a blow to the whole RuNet”

The company demanded that Roskomnadzor explain the interlocks.

Representatives of “Yandex” demanded an explanation from Roskmonadzor after the night of April 27, five IP-addresses of the company were blocked in connection with attempts to block Telegram. This is stated in the official message of “Yandex”,

The head of PR-service of the company Ochir Mandzhikov noted that as a result of the blocking of Telegram “many resources and their users were affected”. According to him, this led to the most dangerous consequence – “lack of freedom and lack of choice for users.”

We do not consider this situation normal. The Russian market can develop only in conditions of open competition. Restricting access to global and Russian Internet services will primarily harm Runet.

Ochir Mandzhikov
Director of Public Relations of Yandex

According to the official position of Yandex, caused by the blocking of Telegram, the lack of openness and competition in the Russian market not only “leads to a drop in the quality of products, but also deprives the country of the possibility of technological competition in world markets in the future.”

The addresses of “Yandex” stayed under the lock of Roskomnadzor for several hours. Together with them, the addresses for Faqebook, Twitter, Yahoo, “VKontakte”, “Classmates and LiveInternet service, owned by Internet adviser of the Russian President Herman Klimenko, were sent to the providers.

According to the official version of Roskomnadzor, the IP addresses of these resources were listed as blocked due to “technological features of the system”. Representatives of the agency deny that they gave providers a requirement to block social networks and search engines.

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