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“They still have much to block”: who suffered because of the struggle of Roskomnadzor with Telegram

Disruptions occurred in companies from almost all spheres.

Why other sites are blocked

Since April 16, the providers have started blocking access to the Telegram servers in accordance with the decision of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow. The messenger decided to bypass the restrictions of Roskomnadzor using IP-addresses related to Amazon and Google, so he continued to work for many users without VPN and proxy services .

However, Roskomnadzor began to add these IP-addresses to the current unloading for operators, who, according to the law, began to block them. By the time the note was written, the number of such IP addresses exceeded two million. This led to disruptions in the operation of many services from a variety of areas that did not violate the law and are not in the register of prohibited sites.

Roskomnadzor problems

On April 17 in social networks several times reported problems with access to the site of Roskomnadzor. Not even the main page of the department’s website was downloaded. Later, the agency confirmed that on the night of April 17, two DDoS attacks were committed, but they were successfully repulsed.

Shortly before the disconnect , a hotline appeared on the site of Roskomnadzor – the email address [email protected] The regulator denies that the problems in the operation of sites are related to the blocking of millions of IP-addresses and requests not to spread “false information”

Who else touched the interruptions in work

VPN and proxy servers

Roskomnadzor warned owners of means of bypassing the blockages of the forthcoming blockade for “calls for extremism.” To question about the reasons for this formulation in the department, they answered: “In the court’s decision on Telegram, it is not only Roskomnadzor, but also the owners of VPN and proxy services that have the duty to stop creating technical conditions for accessing the messenger .”

Under lock got public project server for the dissemination of proxies @ socks5_bot, but the service is still working through private servers. The founder of another bot for proxy servers @TgVPNbot promised that the notification of Roskomnadzor will not affect the work of the bot.

APK Mirror

The service for distribution of installation files of Android-applications received a notification from Roskomnadzor with a request to remove the client. APK Mirror is used to download application distributions, including Telegram, if they are not available in the official Google Play store due to regional restrictions or due to deletion. Roskomnadzor sent notices to Google Play and the AppStore: this means that soon Telegram can disappear from these stores .


The Viber messenger team reported that users may encounter problems when making calls. The company promised “promptly” to restore access to the service. A representative of Viber informed  about the elimination of the problem by 22:50 Moscow time on April 16.

Online School of English Skyeng

The school admitted that the blocking of Roskomnadzor hit the server Skyeng and offered those who can not access the site an alternative link . The company intends to restore the service, but  due to access problems, it will lose from 1 to 30 million rubles in one evening.

If we taught people network technologies, we would have learned lessons for Roskomnadzor employees. They still have much to block.

Alexander Laryanovsky
Managing Partner Skyeng


Because of the blocking of Amazon addresses, it was not possible to go to the site of the platform for investments in the shares of Tezis. Representatives of the service recognized: “Roskomnadzor banned a lot of unnecessary technical IP-addresses.” On the morning of April 17 Tezis eliminated the crash: “For all users, it should now work as before.”

Courier service “Birdy”

The general director of the company Vladimir Kobzev said that he could change the IP-address, but it takes about 14 hours to restore the work. “Even one lost order is unacceptable,” he explained.


IT-consultant FBK Vladislav Zdolnikov wrote that on April 16 in Moscow stores “Dixie” stopped working cash. He explained that several unrelated people at once told him about this at different points. In “Dixie” began to deny thedisconnection of online cash registers.

Online merchants

With the blocking of addresses Amazon faced online merchants, said co-founder of the payment service Cloudpayments Dmitry Spiridonov, without specifying specific companies. On the Cloudpayments itself, the lock was not affected.

Cloud Storage Services

Service pCloud reported problems about three hours before the start of the lock Telegram, without specifying the reason. Later representatives of the company said that they had fixed the problem, but users continued to write about interruptions in the service.

Guild Wars 2, Vainglory, Guns of Boom

Users could not enter online games because of the blocking of Amazon addresses. As noted by DTF, first users wrote in English, but when they realized that the failure affected only one country, they gradually switched to Russian. Amazon servers were used as login-servers of games.

Microsoft Services

The failure has affected Microsoft Office 365, Windows updates and the online Xbox platform. This information was confirmed by many users of services, but the company has not yet commented on the situation.


The streaming service Spotify, which is not officially available in Russia, stopped working in Russia. Users reported interruptions with both applications and the browser version, and also linked it to the blocking of Amazon’s IP addresses.

“Classmates” and “TamTam”

Users of social networks from Moscow and other Russian cities complainedabout malfunctions in their work. At 13:00 in the press service of “Classmates” informed that the internal failure was eliminated and is not connected with the blocking of addresses of Amazon.

In Twitter, they wrote about problems with access to the messenger “TamTam”, made on the basis of “OK messages.” In the press service of “TamTama” said that the failure occurred due to a problem not related to the blocking of IP-addresses Amazon.

Online stores

The blocking of Roskomnadzor violated the work of at least nine online stores that contacted the National Association of Distance Trade. As Vedomosti has learned , small businesses do not publicly report failures, because they fear “additional damage”.


The site with tips and recommendations for different situations became unavailable, and you can not go into the application. Representatives of the service called for using means to bypass locks.


Roskomnadzor blocked some of the IP-addresses of the service for the organization of distance learning. Because of this, there may be no access to the platform. Teachbase offered to temporarily use an alternative link .


According to users, since April 17, service and a set of notes software began to work with problems. The service team did not report global failures.

Protection systems against DDoS-attacks Google Shield

The editor-in-chief of the paper “Paper” Cyril Artemenko reported on the malfunctioning of the system, which is needed to protect the media from DDoS attacks. The service website does not contain information about global failures.

PlayStation Network

Users of the online PSN service complained about its inaccessibility. Including the achievements and the list of friends have ceased to work. In this case, the problem is not observed at all.


Users of the video-streaming service reported a problem , and also linked it with Roskomnadzor locks.


On the evening of April 16, players of World of Warships Blitz and Total War: Arena face problems. The creators promised to talk about solving the problem as soon as it appears. “The problems are related to a series of IP address locks that have been conducted in recent days under Russian law. All owners of premium accounts will receive compensation, ” Wargaming said .


Users of the service for screenshots informed about what happened fault in his work. In doing so, it is partially available.

Nintendo Switch Store

The online service for the console has encountered problems due to the blocking of IP addresses.

“Prospekt Mira”

The Krasnoyarsk edition ceased to work with some users due to the blocking of “one of the IP-addresses of google service”. On the afternoon of April 17, the site was partially restored, it works with some providers.


Mash and Facebook users reported interruptions in the work of Ivideon, which provides video surveillance services. The company works including with Google, Rosneft, MegaFon, DHL and Rostelecom.

Kaspersky Lab

Reader reported that on April 17 failures were observed in the work of several sites of the anti-virus company, including blogs and Securelist. The press service of the Laboratory confirmed that they “experienced difficulties with access to some information resources” within a few hours. The company did not name the reason and did not answer the question whether this is due to the blocking of IP addresses.


On the morning of April 17, the video agency (part of “Russia Today”) was faced with interruptions due to blocking of IP-addresses, confirmed Dmitry Keshishev , the director of digital technologies of Ruptly. The site was unavailable through most Russian providers, including MegaFon.


For April 17, users of the corporate messenger several times complained aboutthe lack of access. The work of the service was quickly restored.


The educational platform for studying foreign languages ​​has facedinterruptions. Representatives of Lingualeo confirmed that the site or mobile application may not be available temporarily: “In today’s whirlpool of locks, we got a little bit under the distribution. Our team will need several hours to recover. ”


According to Kommersant, on April 17, Volvo car dealers throughout Russia could not provide customers with maintenance, pick up parts and diagnose cars. In fact, any work of companies became impossible. Volvo confirmed that the problems are caused by the blocking of one of the IP addresses through which the program works. By April 18, the services were restored.


The head of the “Agora” Pavel Chikov, referring to the taxi partners Gett, said that the service the second day is working with interruptions. On Twitter, companies were asked “not to be afraid of locks.”

In social networks reported problems with access to – a free service of automation of contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. The company confirmed that the problems are related to the actions of Roskomnadzor.


The Moscow restaurant chain of Vietnamese restaurants also faced access restrictions. The company advised users to bypass the locks.

Bicycle rental in St. Petersburg

City cycling “Velikorod” was unable to test its system as planned. The company worked with its own VPN services to remotely monitor stations and customize them, if necessary. “Our experts, borrowing the experience of Telegram, bypass the blockages and by the evening we will continue testing,” – said in the bike rental.

“The ticket”

The ticket sales service sent a letter to its customers explaining that some functions are unavailable or “working badly” because of the blocking of the IP addresses of Amazon and Google. “We have already solve this problem: to troubleshoot and recover from site to your plans is not covered with a copper basin,” – said in Kupibilet.


Residents of Moscow complained of a malfunction in the branches of VTB Bank with state participation. Clients referring to employees reported that “everything hangs”, and also noticed that ATMs stopped working. The bank said that the failure is not connected with the actions of Roskomnadzor.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Service users complained about problems with access to it. The package includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro and other programs.


From St. Petersburg said that he could not get the order in the courier delivery service, as he explained, because of technical reasons. “The tracks do not break, the cars do not leave the warehouses. He called in two offices: in both they said that they were working on an honest word and on paper, “he explained.

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