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The rectors did not applaud the winners of the student’s World Cup programming, until Putin asked

And then they clapped “when it’s time and when absolutely inopportune.”

Putin at the Union of Rectors. Photo by the Kremlin press service
Putin at the Union of Rectors. Photo by the Kremlin press service

On April 26, Vladimir Putin attended a meeting of the Rectors’ Union in St. Petersburg and also congratulated the team from Moscow State University on winning the student’s World Programming Championship. Kommersant special correspondent Andrei Kolesnikov drew attention to the fact that the rectors did not applaud the students until the president asked them to.

The President congratulated the Russian students, who won the world programming Olympiad, and the hall was silent again. Most likely, precisely because the students in the hall were not, and not in the rules of the rectors applaud the students.

– Applause, – nevertheless Putin suggested to the rectors.

Now the applause was deafening. The hearts of the rectors finally opened to meet the students.

Moreover, now the rectors tried not to miss, it seemed to me, the moment when it’s time to applaud, and now clapped already and completely out of place. It was worth Vladimir Putin to say that students need modern campuses, as the rectors gave this idea a simple ovation.

from the publication of “Kommersant”
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