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Someone, teach Kanye West to save pictures on the smartphone

Efforts of Twitter users are not enough: rapper continues to publish in microblog uncircumcised screenshots instead of photos.

In April, Kanye West returned to Twitter and in a few weeks managed to agree with Gosha Rubchinsky about the sketch of the tattoo, to support Donald Trump and to celebrate dozens of philosophical thoughts. In addition, the famous rapper constantly publishes in the microblogging pictures and photos. One problem – he somehow puts them in the form of screenshots from his iPhone X.

April 27, West shared a series of pictures from an unknown place, which can be the office of his design team. Each tweet had one screenshot: in its center was the photo itself, and on the sides – huge useless black frames. In the general tape, the Twitter algorithms automatically cut off the fields, but the open record still looks weird.

Rapper does so for several weeks: he somehow does not save pictures on the phone, and makes a screenshot and puts it in sotsset.

Journalists Mashable noticed that West has problems not only with the preservation of the photo, but also with retweets. If the performer wants to share someone else’s record with subscribers, then he makes it a screenshot. The staff of the publication even made for the rapper a brief instruction on how to get to the retweet button.

In the comments under each such record, users try to teach Kanye West to use social networks correctly. But so far nothing has come out.

“Dude, just click on the retweet button”

“Again an uncircumcised screenshot, I’m already crying”
“Do you know that you can publish several pictures at once, yes?”
“Someone, teach Kanye to save the photo on the phone, and take screenshots. Click on the photo, Kanye. And then on “Save photo” »
“Just click on the picture and hold, the option” save image “will appear. Then you can publish it as well as the screenshot. Only without excess shit ”
“Please, learn to crop screenshots”
“You understand that you can crop a screenshot, yes?”

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