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Russian businessman filed the first suit against Roskomnadzor due to Telegram blocking

He claims that his firm lost 5 million rubles due to the actions of the department.

Russian businessman Alexander Vikharev sued the Arbitration Court for Roskomnadzor. According to the entrepreneur, his company lost 5 million rubles due to blocking of third-party services in attempts to restrict access to Telegram. A representative of the businessman told RIA Novosti about this .

The company Vikhareva is engaged in attracting investment in commercial real estate. According to the businessman, because of attempts to block Telegram, the company’s servers located on a foreign domain were blocked.

These restrictions violated the capacity of the organization itself, and a large number of investors using the plaintiff’s platform could not make transactions in their private offices.

Vikharev’s lawsuit

At the same time, commenting on the amount of the claim, Vikharev noted that it is based on the reputational risks that the company bears.

It is not known whether technical expertise was conducted, which would prove that the problems with accessing the Vikharev site are related to the actions of Roskomnadzor.

The agency noted that the court’s office had already filed a lawsuit. In the file cabinet on the site of the court, he has not yet appeared.

Providers began to block Telegram on April 16 because of the service’s failure to transfer the encryption keys to the FSB to access the users’ correspondence. On the same day, Roskomnadzor blocked 655,532 IP addresses of Amazon and about a million Google addresses. The agency explained that companies allow Telegram to use their addresses to bypass locks in Russia.

On April 23, users reported the inaccessibility of some Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, the Adwords ad platform, the Google Play app store and the reCaptcha robot. Representatives of Roskomnadzor denied that they had uploaded the IP addresses of Google services.

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