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Roskomnadzor began to deny that it ordered providers to block the IP addresses of “Yandex” and “VKontakte”

According to the agency, the addresses were in the register because of the “technological features” of the system.

Roskomnadzor first explained why the IP addresses of Yandex, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, LiveInternet, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo turned out to be on the register of forbidden sites for several hours. According to the agency, this caused some features of the system.

Short-term entry into the register of individual ip-addresses was associated with technological features of the system.


Roskomnadzor did not mention the names of sites whose addresses were blocked, and also noted that they are “free from blocking.” The Office also denied that the operators received this list of IP addresses.

To operators of communication, these addresses were not sent to restrict access.


On the night of April 27, Roskomnadzor entered 180 IP-addresses into the register of prohibited websites, among which Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo belonged, to several large Russian companies – VKontakte, Odnoklassnikam and Yandex, and LiveInternet presidential adviser on development Internet of Herman Klimenko. As follows from the new registry unloading, after several hours IP-addresses were blocked.

Roskomnadzor blocks IP addresses of hosting providers for the purpose of restricting access to Telegram. The locks began on April 16, according to the decision of the Tagansky District Court, which was taken because of the messenger’s refusal to provide the FSB with encryption keys.

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