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Kim Jong-yin’s motorcade at a meeting with the head of South Korea – 12 security guards running near the car

It is not known how long they have to follow the car of the leader of the DPRK.

On April 27, the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, met with the head of South Korea, Mr. Moon Zhe In, at the Panmunjom border post. The parties held historic talks and visited each other’s territories for the first time. During the break, Kim Jong-un sat in a limousine and drove away to his country. And the media noticed an unusual cortege: 12 guards who ran around the car.

According to AFP, this is an elite unit, whose duty is to protect the leadership of the DPRK. Its representatives had previously visited Korean Pyeongchang during the Olympic Games, where they accompanied Sister Kim Jong-un.

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