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Kemerovo officials explained the cold “repair” of the children’s playground in Photoshop

New coverage in time is not mounted because of the weather, the authorities affirm.

"Repaired" children's playground with rubber coating. Photo from the site of the administration of Tisulsky district
“Repaired” children’s playground with rubber coating. Photo from the site of the administration of Tisulsky district

On April 26, the administration of the Tisulsky district of the Kemerovo region published on its website a photo report on the improvement in the village of Belogorsk. In the material was a picture of a playground with simulators on which the rubber coating was laid. The locals called the photo a photomontage.

The price of the contract for repairs amounted to 2 million 100 thousand rubles, follows from the contract, a screenshot of which was published by a member of the Kemerovo All-Russian People’s Front Maxim Uchvatov. He drew attention to the fact that, according to local residents, there was no renovation of the playground, and only crushed stone remains on the site of the coating.

Playground. Photo from the site "Open city"
Playground. Photo from the site “Open city”
The head of the Belogorsky urban settlement, Sergey Kirpichnikov, told the radio station “Says Moscow” that the officials painted the rubber coating in Photoshop because of the weather.

There, the problem of the eaten egg is not worth it. There it [rubber coating] is. The fact is that when the site was handed over, the joints did not stick together. There are rubber squares, 50 to 50, stitched between them. And when they handed over this platform, it was already cold. Just did not qualitatively stick together.

We collected and stored in the administration building, they are in the warehouse. And we have a letter of guarantee from the contractor that on May 20, when the favorable weather conditions are restored, this coverage will be laid.

Sergey Kirpichnikov
head of the Belogorsky urban settlement
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