In Japan, a robot was created, for a car turning into a car

Video: Huge Robo that people can ride and deform & run J-deite RIDE demonstration. That robot that was small was enlarged (updated)

Two people are placed in the device’s cabin, but it can be controlled wirelessly.

The Japanese company Brave Robotics together with the entertainment manufacturer Sansei Technologies has introduced the 3.7-meter robot J-deite RIDE, which in a minute is transformed into a double car.

As noted by the creators, on the design of the device they were inspired by several anime series. J-deite RIDE can travel at a speed of 100 meters per hour, and in the state of the car even carry people. However, the engineers admitted that they did not test the robot outside of its hangar.

I grew up believing that robots should be capable of such things. This became my motivation for the development of this project. Some people may view a robot as an “expensive toy”, but it should inspire others.

Kenzhi Ishida
CEO Brave Robotics
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