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How old do you think this woman is? (6 pictures)

This is Ninel Blokhin from Grodno, who does not look at all for years. How old do you think she is?

Ninel Blokhin this year will celebrate his 72nd birthday. Since the childhood the woman was engaged in ballet, but in 50 years has understood, that the age starts to take the. Then Ninel began to engage in meditation and yoga, and also add to her life even more physical activities, such as rollerblading and biking. The woman continues to work, she teaches ballet and ballroom dancing, and more recently she has also become a yoga instructor. Ninel loves to travel, and on his pension and salary flies to Egypt and Turkey. She adheres to a special diet, in which there is little meat, but a lot of fish, cereals and fruits with vegetables, but she calls youthfulness in her heart the main secret.

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