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“Fuck your fear”: the creators of the project “Black Russian” will launch an interactive show in real time

The production team Black Russian and director Maxim Didenko announced a multi-series interactive show in real-time Asmodeus, the premiere of which is scheduled for May 21. Age limit is 18+.

The two leading actors – Sergey Epishev and Kristina Asmus – depict a married couple living in a bunker together with a servant and a cat. According to the plot, they descended into the ground to save themselves from the impending global catastrophe.

In each episode, the media personality will come to the hosts, who will be tested with fears of loneliness, death and their own sexual fantasies.

I ceased to understand the meaning of life, and decided to do something as senseless as possible. And the most senseless thing in Russia is to joke. To joke and be afraid.

Maxim Didenko

The Asmodeus series will be published weekly on the site of BlackRussian.TV at 22:00, each episode will be shown only once in a live broadcast. The show conceives an interactive component – viewers can influence what is happening and change the development of the story with the help of chat, interactive and donate. Buy a ticket can be on a specific date or just a few episodes.

YouTube has published three teaser videos, representing Asmodeus as “an online show that offends your feelings.”

Attention, 18+

The immortal show “Black Russian”, whose team is working on Asmodeus, in 2016 in Russia set the trend for the show with the “immersion” of the viewer and elements of the interactive. It was built on the plot of Pushkin’s story “Dubrovsky”, rethought in the style of horror.

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