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Estonian search engines found a perfectly preserved regimental cannon of the 1927 sample (17 photos)

In Estonia, near the city of Narva, a regimental cannon of the 1927 model was found in the Kirghioso swamp. The search and raising of the gun was carried out by members of the search group Otsing. About the approximate location of the light 76-millimeter artillery gun, the search engines learned from the archives. They said that the gun sank during the battles of 1944, when a shell exploded near it. To find it with the help of poles in the length of 4-5 meters was not possible, and therefore in the report the square of the loss of the gun was indicated. Detect the cannon with a professional metal detector, it was at 7-meter depth.

With the help of a diver and a winch, the gun was raised to the surface and surprised everyone with its own condition. Despite the rich battle history, as evidenced by the numerous tracks from shell fragments and bullets, the cannon was perfectly preserved. The water of the swamp, which was not rich in oxygen, prevented it from rusting, besides, it retained its original coloration. Experts say that this is, perhaps, the only regimental cannon of the 1927 model, preserved in such a beautiful condition. The gun was sent to the restoration, after which it will be given to the military museum of Sinimäe. 

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