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Creators of the board game Hellboy collected a million dollars for “five seconds”

The creators of the desktop game based on Hellboy did not expect such a success of the fund raising campaign on the Kickstarter platform: the money was received almost instantly . Their goal was to raise $ 139 thousand, but by now the project has been allocated more than a million dollars. Until the end of the campaign there are 28 days.

Game Hellboy: The Board Game is designed for 1-4 people. It, accordingly, presents 4 heroes, a bunch of cards, chips, dice, dozens of minions and villains, 3 bosses, as well as additional kits are provided.

The player will have to become an employee of Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) and investigate mysterious threats to our world. The creators of the game promise gothic locations (with imagination, of course), artifacts, strange monsters and so on. The project is large-scale and, judging by the activity of the audience, it can become even more interesting than it was intended.

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