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Blogger Ilya Varlamov reported on the attack of bots on video from his channel

The day before, journalist Ilya Varlamov posted on his YouTube channel a video criticizing anti-terrorism measures that are being introduced in Russia. He points to the fact that often the state, under the pretext of security, tightens legislation and introduces censorship.

The next day, according to Varlamov, he noticed the strange behavior of the video indicators, namely, cutting off part of the views and cheating the dislikes. In his note he refers to the data of the site dislikemeter.

Immediately after downloading the video quickly gained views, the audience shared it in social. networks, but after 20:00 video lost about 30 thousand views. And after two o’clock in the morning, the views did not add up at all.

Abnormality is also observed on the schedule of dislays. Clearly visible step growth, which indicates the winding of bots.

In addition to dislays under the video began to appear a lot of comments with a negative evaluation of the content of the video. At the same time, the profiles of the authors of such comments are often either newly created or completely empty.

Varlamov also added a video asking him to advise him on how to deal with these bots’ attacks.

With similar problems, opposition bloggers have repeatedly encountered, kamikadze_d tried to pay attention to the problem (Dmitry Ivanov). On the part of YouTube, no response at this time was not followed.

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