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“Will not you refuse massage? You need it “: a 17-year-old Russian biathlete announced her harassment

According to her, the specialist several times offered to help her with a career in exchange for “relations.”

Anna Moiseeva. Photos from personal archive
Anna Moiseeva. Photos from personal archive

The publication “Soviet Sport” told about 17-year-old biathlete Anne Moiseeva, who was repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment from the head coach of the Center for Sports Training of the Moscow region, Sergei Tutmin. According to her, the specialist suggested that she enter into a “relationship” in exchange for help with a sports career.

For the first time journalists learned about the history of Moiseeva during a conversation with the three-time Olympic champion Anfisa Reztsova, who worked in the Moscow Region Biathlon Federation. The athlete called the incident “an outrageous situation” and noted that the leadership knew about the harassment. After that, the employee of the “Soviet Sport” met with the 17-year-old biathlonist and her mother.

Constant offers

Moiseyeva remembered that it all began in September 2017 during the competitions in Saransk. After the race, Tutmin invited her to his room where he offered the girl a massage and “build relationships.”

I assumed that we will deal with the race. I sat down on the bed, next to him. And then he says to me: “Will not you refuse, if I give you a massage?” I answered that I do not need it.

Then he put his hand on my leg and began to say: “You understand why I called you. Do you need it. You know how you run (not very well), but if you agree to build a relationship with me, then I will help you. You will pass the selection in the team, you will have everything – equipment, result.

Anna Moiseeva

The athlete left the room, and later asked another coach to transfer to the group under the guidance of another specialist. She did not tell him about Tutmina’s proposals to enter into an intimate relationship – only that she “does not like the coaching staff”. In response, she was asked to wait until spring.

In the second meeting of Moses, Tutmina was directly told that nothing could be between them. The coach reacted calmly: “He said that I will not be offered any more, and if I suddenly change my mind, I must ask him about it myself.” But Tutmin did not keep his promise. During one of the talks, Moiseeva managed to make an audio record – the deciphering is at the disposal of “Soviet Sport”.

He constantly asked if I had changed my mind. I approached and asked why I did not go to him. He also told me that everyone does everything so that I do not think that he is so bad. Once I managed to make an audio recording of our conversation. There it is heard how he again explains why I should enter into a relationship with him. And in March, it so happened that we were left alone in the wax-cabin. He came up and tried to kiss me. I ran away.

Anna Moiseeva

According to the girl, over time she was “clamped” in the team, providing bad cartridges and poorly prepared skis. As a result, it was not taken to the main staff. For a long time Moiseeva did not tell anyone anything, but then she explained the situation to her parents and to her personal trainer.

Anna Moiseeva
Anna Moiseeva

The biathlete provided the Audio Training Center with an audio recording and a memo to the Sports Training Center, and also called the “Child in Danger” hotline, through which the case was transferred to the Investigative Committee. Later, Moiseyeva met with the president of the biathlon federation of the Moscow region Alexei Nuzhdov and the minister of sports of the Moscow region Roman Teriushkov: they promised to “tear off the head coach,” but they specified whether Anna wants to publicize the story.

“This is normal, so everywhere”

Shortly after the publication of the “Soviet Sport” interview with Moiseyeva published the publication “Championship”, which stated, has been investigating cases of Tutmina harassment for a week already. In it, the biathlete noted that in talking with the coach did not appear words that somehow denoted sex, but he sometimes stroked her leg. Moiseeva acknowledged that this “may be a problem” during the investigation.

The 17-year-old sportswoman stressed that her main goal is that Tutmin never work with children again.

It’s terribly disgusting that a coach who must protect children can do so. He motivated harassment by the fact that “so everywhere” and “it’s normal.” Like, I’m not the only one, this is in every region. It’s unpleasant and insulting that the coach did this to me.

Anna Moiseeva

According to the girl, there were rumors that another minor sportswoman faced with Tutmina’s harassment. But she refused to comment on the situation.

The first consequences

Anfisa Reztsova noted that after this Tutmin resigned from the Sports Training Center at his own request. But, she said, he can start work in another region, as well as cross with Moiseyeva in competitions. “Sport Express” turned to a specialist for comment, but the coach refused to talk on this topic.

The Investigative Committee confirmed to RBC that they began checking information about the harassment of the coach. The application was accepted on April 25.

After talking with the girl, the journalists of the “Soviet Sport” found out that from the Sports Training Center they “forced to resign” the coaches who supported Moiseyev. The publication came to the conclusion that “behaving unincorporated is a far more terrible crime than putting an underage athlete in an ambiguous position.”

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