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“VKontakte” began to warn about spoilers in the new “Avengers”

The plot turns from the “War of Infinity” have already appeared in social networks.

In “VKontakte” there were warnings about the spoilers in the superhero movie “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”, which was released in American rolling on April 23, was told in the press service of the social network. The Russian premiere will be held on May 3, but already on April 27 in Moscow and St. Petersburg there will be press-shows.

Above the record, which refers to the new picture, there will be the inscriptions “Possible spoilers: Avengers”. The text of such entries should be folded to the phrase “Show completely …”. The feature was made available to users of the smart news feed in the full version of VKontakte, as well as social networking applications for Android and iOS.

As VKontakte representatives noted, they, together with the “franchise experts”, compiled a list of key words that could reveal the plot twists in Avengers. Protection from spoilers will be in effect until May 7.

test showed, by the time the note was written, the function in “VKontakte” has not yet fully worked. Some notes about the plot of the Avengers were not accompanied by a warning.

“VKontakte” is not the first time includes spoiler protection in the social network. Earlier, the company warned users about the twists and turns in ” Twin Pix “, ” Game of Thrones ” and ” Sherlock “.

“War of Infinity” will be the largest crossover in the 10-year history of Marvel. Directors, Rousseau brothers advised fans to disconnect from the Internet in order to avoid spoilers. Most of the actors were working with fake scripts and in a separate video called not to reveal the plot twists.

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