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Videobloger Wylsacom told about the robbery of his studio in Moscow

Just three months after he was stolen several cameras and laptops in California.

Studio project Wylsacom Media. Frame from the video Valentina Petuhova
Studio project Wylsacom Media. Frame from the video Valentina Petuhova

Videobloger Valentin Petukhov (Wylsacom) said that unknown people have robbed the office of his studio Wylsacom Media. Information about this in a conversation with was also confirmed by the producer of the company Ilya Ovcharenko.

According to Petukhov, the organizer or the gunner was “most likely” a rookie guard: after robbery, he stopped answering the phone. At the same time there was a key in the open door of the studio, and the server, on which the video was recorded by local surveillance cameras, was broken.

The blogger added that the attackers took “a lot, but stupidly.” Among the stolen was the personal MacBook Petukhov, as well as one of the three smartphones Huawei Honor 10, three “Chinese iPhone” and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Petukhov noted that the robbery occurred in the old office of the Wylsacom Media project, from where they soon plan to move to a new location. According to the blogger, his colleagues already transported the security equipment to a new studio, and on the old one, besides the guard, there was only a video camera.

The film crew of Wylsacom Media was robbed a second time in 2018. This was the first time it happened during the team’s trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States. Then the unknown broke the glass in a car rented to them and took from the trunk things worth about 7 thousand dollars, including shooting equipment.

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