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The script “Zodiac” adapts to the adaptation of the novel by Stephen King

Film company New Line Cinema after the success of the film adaptation of “It” undertook to make another film based on the novel by Stephen King. This time the film adaptation will receive the book “Long Walk” – one of the first novels of the American writer.

“Long Walk” was released in 1979. According to the plot, people participate in a major competition for a solid reward. They should just go to the finish line, but you can not stop – otherwise the member will be shot by the military after several warnings. The protagonist is a teenager who decides to try his hand at the event.

The writing of the script “A long walk” is occupied by James Vanderbilt, who will also act as one of the producers of the picture. Vanderbilt was the writer of the thriller “Zodiac”, the militant “Independence Day: Renaissance” and a number of other paintings. The screen version of the novel is still at an early stage, there is no information about the timing of the premiere.

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