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The remains of two crew members of the Soviet DB-3 bomber were found in the marshes of the Novgorod region (49 photos)

In the Novgorod region, the search group Pyramid has been raising the remains of the crew of the Soviet bomber DB-3 to the surface of the swamp for the second year. The plane was shot down on August 7, 1941, when the enemy flew to bomb. After 76 years, one of the local residents indicated the place of the fall and at a depth of more than 5 meters was able to detect the wreckage of the aircraft. The bomber was 15 km from the shore, and its rise to the surface was possible only in the cold season, when the frost freezes and you can move around it.

The search engines managed to get a lot of debris and aircraft parts from the bottom, personal belongings and the remains of two crew members. Based on the documents found, it was possible to identify the identity of the fighters. They turned out to be the shooter, Sergeant Alexander Vasilyevich Osintsev, born in 1917, and the senior gunner-radio operator Sergeant Kulnev Timothy Petrovich, born in 1914. The search engines found relatives of Alexander Osintsev, who for many years was considered missing. They intend to bury his remains at home in Izhevsk. At the moment, all work is stopped, as the swamp again became impassable, and the search engines shared photos of their findings. Next year they hope to find the remains of the third crew member.

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