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The New York court allowed the bar to kick out those who wear the Trump cap “Let’s make America great again”

Greg Piatak, who sued the bar in New York. Photos NY Post
Greg Piatak, who sued the bar in New York. Photos NY Post

On April 25, the Manhattan Court ruled that the Happiest Hour bar had legitimately expelled the visitor in a red cap with the slogan of Donald Trump – Make America Great Again or “Let America Make Again Great.”

The lawsuit against the bar owners was filed by 30-year-old accountant Greg Piatek (now he is 31), who came with friends to the Happiest Hour in January 2017. According to the client, in response to an attempt to order drinks on the second round, the barman threw off his cap, ignored him in every possible way, and then, together with other employees, asked him to leave the institution.

Anyone who supports Trump or believes in what you believe is undesirable here. And you must leave this place now, because we will not serve you.

manager Happiest Hour
quote from the words of Piataque

Piatak accused the owners of the bar of infringement of “a sense of urgency for Amerike.” In court, the representative of the institution noted that the law on discrimination takes into account only religious feelings, but not political views. Piataka’s lawyer objected that his client had put on his cap only because he visited the memorial in front of the bar in memory of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

The court found Piatege’s reasons unconvincing and thus took the side of Happiest Hour. According to the judge, the situation with refusal to serve clients, is not considered “outrageous”.

Caps Make America Great Again (MAGA) have become one of the most popular elements of the attributes during Trump’s election campaign in 2016. They have repeatedly played in pop culture and are still used.

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