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The Chinese authorities withdrew the national film about the greatness of their companies immediately after the US sanctions against ZTE

Back in March, the picture was taken by schoolchildren and students and she beat the country’s record for box office.

Poster of the film "Awesome China". Photo of the press service of the company
Poster of the film “Awesome China”. Photo of the press service of the company

Owners of cinemas and sites with online premiers reported on the Chinese government’s demand to remove the national film “Awesome China” from the hire. The picture mentions the company ZTE, against which the sanctions of the USA recently began to operate. This was reported by the China Digital Timesand the Asia Times .

“Amazing China” is a 90-minute documentary about the greatness of China in the fields of technology, science and the military industry since Xi Jinping came to power. The picture came out in Chinese rental in March and beat the country’s record at the box office – brought 70 million yuan (about 75 million dollars). Local media reported that almost all members of the Communist Party and officials watched the film, and students and schoolchildren were also taken to the cinemas.

As noted by the publication Quartz, in “Awesome China” the accents are arranged so that the viewer understands the direct influence of Jinping on the success of the economy and the IT sphere. Many companies forcibly sent employees to look at the picture, while the Maoyan rating site put her 9.6 out of 10, and his competitor Douban turned off ratings.

But on April 23, Chinese media referring to the owners of cinemas and online sites reported that the authorities demanded to film the film “before further instructions.” The editions linked this with US sanctions against ZTE, which is mentioned in the film as one of the national IT giants.

The US Department of Commerce imposed a seven-year ban on ZTE, under which it can not trade components and goods with US partners. The company said that it wants to solve this problem and not tolerate American sanctions. Since 2016, US authorities have been investigating whether Chinese companies have traded components with Iran, bypassing the ban.

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