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Scientists have learned to keep the brains of pigs alive outside the body

The results of this study can change the view of humanity about death and open up previously unknown opportunities.

Scientists from Yale University have learned to save life in the brains of pigs separately from the body. A special closed artificial system pumps blood and necessary resources. This is reported in the report of the editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review.

A group of scientists from Yale University has developed a closed BrainEx brain life support system that allows it to be kept alive outside the body: it pumps artificial blood through the necessary parts of the body. Researchers conducted experiments on 100-200 pigs: their brains without a body could be resuscitated and kept alive for 36 hours.

Scientists noted that during the experiments, a substance was added to the artificial blood from inflammation, which could block the consciousness, so they probably do not know whether it is possible to “think” without the body. However, the researchers explained that the experimental pigs absolutely did not understand anything.

Head of the group Ninad Sestan (Nenad Sestan) has already discussed with the American authorities ethical nuances to expand their research on the human brain. To this end, he addressed the National Institutes of Health in March 2018.

Researchers want to create for the first time a complete “map” of connections between the cells of the human brain. This can lead to a serious improvement in the understanding of the work of this body.

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