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Resident of Skolkovo assesses possible losses of Russian business from actions of Roskomnadzor

The general director of the company-resident Skolkovo Flexbby Andrey Ponomarev suggested Internet-Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev to create a headquarters for the protection of enterprises affected by Roskomnadzor. He also proposed the idea of ​​a bill protecting the Russian business from unilateral blockages of “vital services”.

According to Ponomarev, as a result of the blocking of Google and Amazon cloud services, only these two companies will lose about $ 940 million by theend of 2018 . Russian enterprises will lose about as much.

Billion dollars
under a pessimistic scenario, Russian companies will lose Telegram’s carpet lock (it still works)

The current situation, Ponomarev noted, benefits primarily the semi-state Rostelecom, as well as Yandex, Mail.Ru Group and Microsoft, whose cloud services remain available in Russia.

In Roskomnadzor refused to assess the damage caused to Russian companies by its actions – this, according to the representatives of the regulator, is outside their competence. Representatives of the supervisory organization added that they had already received 46,000 messages to the hotline, and explanatory work was being conducted with the owners of blocked resources.

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