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Police covered the largest service for custom DDoS-attacks

Policemen from several countries were able to stop the work of WebStresser, a service that took orders for DDoS-attacks sites for only $ 15. Law enforcers managed to disrupt the project in the US, UK, Holland, Australia and Hong Kong.

It is known that several people were detained, but their names are not officially reported. According to some information, the police arrested a 19-year-old WebStresser from Serbia. To his last photo on Facebook began to write “RIP” (“Rest in Peace”).

Over the past three years, WebStresser has been involved in 4-6 million DDoS attacks. This led to a disruption in the work of many sites, because of which the owners of resources suffered losses.

Usually DDoS is called a simultaneous attack from a large number of devices. In this case, the server is overloaded.

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