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Photo: Weather forecast from McDonald’s

Popular items from the menu have turned into icons, denoting the sun, rain and wind.

Holiday pictures Leo Burnett
Holiday pictures Leo Burnett

In London, launched an advertising campaign “McDonald’s”, developed by the British branch of the advertising agency Leo Burnett. For her, eight items from the snack network menu were stylized as pictograms, which denote weather conditions: for example, big poppy turned into a sun icon, and inverted french fries into a rain icon.

The scale of the thermometer was depicted in the form of a slice of potatoes dipped in ketchup.

We were very pleased to use some of our most beloved positions to join such an up-to-date conversation about the weather in April.

Hannah Payne
McDonald’s representative

Data on billboards changes in real time. The action started on April 26 and will last two days.

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