New Chinese reserved seat (8 photos)

In China, launched a new high-speed train, which will run between Beijing and Shanghai. A high-speed night train can overcome 1318 km (the distance between two cities) in just 12 hours. At the same time, he could get faster, but the maximum speed was limited to 250 km / h. Particular attention should be paid to the train wagons, which are somewhat similar to our reserved seats, but are much more comfortable.

Train cars are divided into individual niches. In each of them there is a window, lighting, sockets, a table and an orthopedic back.

Passengers are located along the train, which can accommodate 880 people.

To realize a new placement of passenger seats, the cars had to be modernized. In particular, the height of ceilings was increased, and the internal volume increased by as much as 37%.

Each seat is closed with a thick curtain.

There are modern bathrooms in the cars.

The developers say that they managed to significantly reduce the level of vibration and noise, and therefore inside the car is about as noisy as in the salon of a modern car.

And so new cars look outside.

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