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Manufacturers of video cards will be forced to cut prices due to falling demand

Low demand from cryptomayers will force video card manufacturers to significantly reduce prices for graphics accelerators. This was reported by sources close to Gigabyte and MSI. Allegedly, there has been a decrease in supplies in 40% – the mining farms and large “miners” are no longer interested in buying large volumes of video cards, shifting their attention towards specialized equipment.

Also mentioned is the decrease in orders from large distributors of video cards, writes Digitimes. For companies that feel like kings throughout the whole of 2017, a new trend can be seen in a not very bright light.

So, Gigabyte sold 4.3 million video cards last year, which is a million GPU more than in 2016. A similar situation for MSI, which markedly increased revenue last year and in the first quarter of 2018. Not bad and feels corporation TUL (PowerColor).

As a result, there was a threat of overflowing warehouses. To avoid this development, manufacturers will be forced to cut prices.

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