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Kanye West supported Trump on Twitter. From it unsubscribed popular artists and chastised wife

Mutual compliments turned into a scandal, and musicians of the level of Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar protested the rapper.

Donald Trump and Kanye West at the Trump Tower, 2016. Getty Images
Donald Trump and Kanye West at the Trump Tower, 2016. Getty Images

Kanye West soon after his return to Twitter, announced new albums, confessed his love for Tesla and Ilona Mask, and also wrote many “philosophical” sayings. On the night of April 26, an American rapper in a series of tweets openly supported Donald Trump and called him “brother,” and he approvingly replied. This turned out to be the interference of West’s wife Kim Kardashian, the unsubscribing of many artists and criticism in social networks.

At first West wrote a few tweets about Trump, noting that they are united by a certain “energy of the dragon”.

“You do not need to agree with Trump, but the crowd can not make me not love him. We both have the energy of a dragon. He is my brother. I love everyone. I do not agree with everything that anyone does. This is what makes us separate individuals. And we have the right to independent thinking ”
Immediately West said that he did not call on Hillary Clinton’s supporters – Trump’s main rival in the presidential election – to give up his views.

“If your friend is jumping from a bridge, you do not need to do the same. You are yourself fighting to be yourself. People in my life share Trump’s ideas about 50 to 50, but I do not say Hillary supporters do not support Hillary. I love Hillary too ”
But West’s words about Hillary went unnoticed, as rapper was answered by Trump.

“Thank you, Kanye, very cool”

West’s words led to accusations of mental disorders and drug use. Kanye notedthat no religion or political party can compete with the “power of love”.

After all these tweets, West was telephoned by his wife Kim Kardashian: during the 2016 election campaign, she supported Clinton, and West got on Selfie Kim with Hillary and hashtag # chillarivpriests . Judging by the reaction of the rapper, Kardashian chastised her husband.

“My wife just called. She wanted me to clarify the situation for everyone. I do not agree with everything that Trump does. I do not agree 100% with anyone except myself “

At the same time, Kim criticized Kanye for publishing photos of the house in Twitter. “Kid, we had a rule not to show the house in social networks. Now we can afford to shoot KUWTK (reality show “Kardashian Family”) in our house? “Kardashian asked.

Kardashian on Twitter with 59 million subscribers asked the media not to “demonize” West and pick up false accusations of disturbing the psyche. She confirmed that because of the words about Trump Kanye broke up with the unnamed business partners, and stressed that he had nothing against his opinion.

“He is a free-thinking person, is it forbidden in America? You can blame him for problems with the psyche just because his ideas are different from yours? It’s just unfair. He really came out of a depressed state, and when he happens to be himself it’s very expressive. ”
After this, Kanye published photographs with a cap with the slogan Trump “Let’s Make America Great Again” (MAGA) “and the president’s autograph

Trump laconically approved and a picture with a signed cap.

Kanye’s words led to a broad discussion in social networks.

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Cover of the non-existent album Kanye and Trump

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicky Minage, Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry and many other artists have unsubscribed from Kanye West after he backed Trump. Some US media have written that Kanye West, amid a scandal, lost about nine million subscribers, but representatives of Twitter denied that the rapper still signed about 27 million.

Almost none of the celebrities openly defended Kanye West. One of the few exceptions was the rapper Chance The Rapper.

“Black people do not have to be democrats”

After this, Kanye did not stop writing in support of Trump. The rapper said that he was looking forward to the planned meeting between the president and the head of Apple Tim Cook at the White House, and in the following tweet without appeal to someone noted: “Two of my favorite people.”

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