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Intel lured from Tesla the engineer who developed the chips Apple A4-A5 and the AMD Zen architecture

Intel Corporation has enticed engineer Jim Keller, behind whom is a very impressive professional career. He was directly involved in the development of the A4 and A5 chips for Apple, AMD’s Zen architecture, and until recently worked on an autopilot in Tesla.

Keller leaves the company Ilona Mask in difficult times for Tesla, however, as Engadget writes , the replacement of the engineer will not be too difficult to find. Rather, it already exists, and Keller’s place will be occupied by two veterans of the industry.

This is Pete Bannon, who took part in the development of mobile Apple processors from A5 to A9. He will be responsible for the hardware component of the Tesla autopilot. Software solutions will be taken by Andrey Karpaty.

In Intel, Keller will be responsible for the architecture of the processors, that is, he will do what he knows most.

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