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Guy hacked the page of the teacher in the social network for revenge for smokers classmates

In one of the schools in the Minsk region there was a hacker-romantic. He got access to the page of his social teacher in the social network and blackmailed him, demanding an apology to his classmates. It turned out that the teacher saw the girls with cigarettes and “passed” to their parents, for which the smokers, obviously, had a weak affection.

The young man decided to intercede for the ladies. He created a fake page in the social network on behalf of the girl and talked with the teacher. He was unmarried and “not averse to priudarit for a beautiful sex,” as reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. For the sake of hacking the page the schoolboy persuaded the teacher to install malware under the guise of a music player.

The man sensed a catch when the player did not work. But I trusted my new friend, who assured me: you need to drive certain settings. After the operation, the teacher actually gave access to his page to the schoolboy.

He copied the teacher’s correspondence in the social network and demanded … not bitkoins, but only apologies to the offended schoolchildren – apparently, just before the smokers classmates. The teacher did not succumb to blackmail and turned to the police.

The teenager got the case on part 2 of Art. 349 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus “Unauthorized access to computer information, made from mercenary or other personal interest”. The sanction provides for up to two years of imprisonment.

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