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George Martin will release a new book on “The Song of Ice and Flame”. But not the one that should be

Writer George Martin, who gained world fame through the series “The Game of Thrones” in his cycle of novels “The Song of Ice and Fire,” announced the release of a new book. But this will not be the same book that the fans have been waiting for. Instead of continuing the long-awaited cycle, Martin wrote the history of the Targarienes’ house.

The first volume of the book “Fire and Blood” will be released on November 20, 2018. It will be dedicated to the Targarien dynasty from Eigon the Conqueror to the regency of Eigon III of the Dragon’s death. The author will tell about their wives, wars, brothers, children, travel, rivals and other “Santa Barbara”.

However, Martin confirmed that his next book will be “Wind of Winter” – the sixth part of “Song of Ice and Flame”. And she certainly will not come out this year. The previous book of the series “Dance with Dragons” was released in 2011. And the series has long overtaken its events and went its own way.

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