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Disney specialists presented a jacket with an imitation of blows and a creeping snake

Disney Research engineers  presented a concept jacket that conveys tactile sensations to the user. This increases the realism and adds the effect of presence in the game or film, especially in conjunction with the VR-helmet.

In a jacket weighing 2.2 kilograms, 26 air cushions with valves and vibromotors were placed. They are located in front, behind, along the sides and on the sleeves. Motors pumped or bleed air, depending on what is happening on the screen, and if necessary, everything is accompanied by vibration. So you can imitate hugs, bumps, jolts, shaking (like when riding a motorcycle) and even the feeling of slipping on your snake’s body.

The developers have made three applications to demonstrate the possibilities: a snowball game, a project with a snake and something like a Hulk simulator – the jacket transmits the effect of swelling muscles.

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