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Biathlon trainer Sergei Tutmin was suspended from coaching after accusations of harassment

Previously, the 17-year-old athlete said that he offered her an intimate relationship in return for help with career.

The Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region Roman Teriushkov announced that the specialist of the Center for Sports Training of the Moscow Region Sergey Tutmin was dismissed and suspended from coaching activities, TASS reported . Earlier, 17-year-old biathlete Anna Moiseeva accused him of sexual harassment.

The official confirmed the girl’s words that she applied to him in March 2018 and told about several cases of harassment Tutmina: he several times suggested that she “enter into a relationship” in exchange for help with career, and also tried to kiss and make a massage.

At the beginning of the month, a check began on this occasion, which will end on April 30. Coach Tutmin was fired and suspended from coaching activities, I do not exclude that according to the results of the check the article of dismissal can be re-qualified for a more serious one. The criminal responsibility of the trainer can not be ruled out either, the results of the inspection will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Roman Teriushkov
Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region
 Teryushkov called the story with harassment “blatant” and promised Moiseyeva support, protection from pressure and creating conditions for continuing training. He also noted that the agency will check other structures to ensure that such situations do not recur. “It is important that everyone who knows anything about such behavior of sports teachers in the institutions of the Moscow region, immediately turned to us,” the minister stressed.

Previously, the “Soviet Sport” and “Championship” reported that after the appeal of Moiseeva, Tutmin resigned from the sports center at his own will: it gave him the opportunity to continue working with children in another place. The expert called “untruth” accusations of harassment.

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