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“And where should I put it?” Or How stupid people do strange things

Another’s soul is dark, so it’s difficult to understand what exactly drove an outsider to a strange act. All of us are not sinless, although you can blow your cheeks and say: “Well, I’m not that kind of (such)” – and then, as it were, imperceptibly to thrust a finger into some hole. What for? For example, find out what glitters out there. Or just check to see if you can get that finger.

Resource Boredpanda prepared another collection of photos, which capture moments that can not be easily explained. Certainly there were reasons that pushed the heroes of the pictures to their actions, but we hardly know about them.

I saw these girls near the store Ikea

Dear UPS. Your driver left the box under the door handle so that we had to call for help to rescue us

Parking on the ice – it’s so romantic!

Want to know how to look VERY stupid?

Now you know why everyone without exception is being warned

The neighbor climbed higher to better view the solar eclipse

Dude, put it up! A little more – and fit

My girlfriend came up with a way how not to lose the keys to the castle

The false panel above the fireplace seemed solid

What kind of idiotic orange cones are on my way ?!

Observing the solar eclipse Trump style

Like a boss!

So no one will steal

Why not?
Yes, this happens not only in the movies

When there was no corkscrew at hand

What a fine fellow I am!
This tin

Are you also angry with this kind of packaging?

What kind airline …

That’s why it’s dangerous to shoot in the air.

How? What for?!

What happens when you try to put on 100 shirts

Screenshots came up with weaklings! In fact there is a copier!
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