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UK refused to initiate criminal proceedings because of death of an employee of the Taganrog aircraft factory

The Investigative Committee did not initiate a criminal case on the poisoning of the employee Taganrog aircraft factory named after Beriev Maxim Tereshchenko by thallium. About this “Media Zone” told the lawyer of the international human rights group “Agora” Alexander Popkov, representing the interests of the victims.

The Investigative Committee also refused to investigate the case of mass poisoning with thallium in Taganrog and handed it over to the Internal Affairs Directorate. Back in March, seven victims wrote a collective statement to the head of the UK, Alexander Bastrykin, demanding a thorough investigation, noted .

After a series of letters, we still received an answer that our statement is not intended to be considered by the SC and sends it to the Ufa Department of Taganrog.

Alexander Popkov
lawyer of “Agora”

Popkov added that the criminal case of causing harm to moderate health (Article 112 of the Criminal Code) was instituted only on March 7 after numerous publications in the media. The investigation was conducted by the investigation department, after which the prosecutor handed the case over to the investigative department of the Taganrog UVD.

According to RIA Novosti, Popkov intends to seek a re-qualification of the case for articles on negligence (293 CC) and attempted murder (part 3 of Article 30, part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code).

At the end of November 2017, at least 37 employees of the aircraft factory named after Beriev poisoned with heavy metal thallium, which is not used in production. This became known only in March. The police institutedproceedings under part 2 of Article 112 of the Criminal Code (deliberate infliction of moderate severity of injury).

On March 5, Svetlana Sakevich, a resident of Taganrog, said that her son, Maxim Tereshchenko, who worked as a mechanic at the Beriev Aircraft Building Plant, died of cerebral edema on December 30, 2017. She also thinks thallium is the cause of death, however, Tereshchenko’s medical documents do not mention this.

April 4 detained a suspect in the poisoning of 36-year-old engineer Vladislav Shulga plant. According to the investigation, he poured thallium into the cooler with drinking water. Thus, he avenged the accident with the plant’s lawyer, after which the engineer was deprived of his driver’s license. Shulga was sent under house arrest.

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