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“Two days before the wedding”: the best man could not get into the festive shirt and decided to fight extra weight urgently

A user under the name Swamp Trash posted a video in which a man named Brennan tries to lose weight two days before the wedding in order to climb into a barong – a traditional Philippine shirt.

Brennan is best man at the wedding of his friend Trey, so he can not come to the ceremony in other clothes. As a result, he decides to work on himself: a man runs along the beach of Bohol Island, trains in the gym, plays volleyball and does yoga with the support of friends. The action of the video is under the motivating song of American musician Robert Tepper called “No Easy Way Out”, which was included in the soundtrack of the movie “Rocky 4”.

 As a result, Brennan successfully manages his task. The author’s commentary notes that he “escaped embarrassment.”
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