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Microsoft brought to the prison an entrepreneur who made Windows recovery disks

Eric Lundgren’s business is mixed: corporate machineries like Microsoft do not like it, ordinary consumers are grateful for the restored devices. Today Erika was finally sentenced to 15 months in prison and sentenced to a fine of $ 50,000 for making recovery disks for Windows. Microsoft saw this as a loss of $ 700,000.

What happened?

The Federal Court of Appeals in Miami dismissed the complaint of Eric Lundgren. He claimed that the recovery discs he was doing were not of financial value and could not harm Microsoft’s company. Because they can be freely downloaded from the company’s website and used only on computers with licensed Windows.

These disks are needed in cases when the operating system crashes, to reinstall or restore it. Lundgren noticed that most of the inhabitants can not create such a disk at home on their own. And when they have an insurmountable problem with the laptop, they can trite to go and buy a new one. While the old one turns into an electronic scrap that pollutes the environment.

A bit about Erica

Lundgren is a 33-year-old well-known innovator in the field of “electronic waste”. For example, an entrepreneur built an electric car from BMW with a greater power reserve than the Tesla Model S. And at a little more than $ 13,000.

He also built the first in the US installation for the processing and recovery of discarded smartphones and other electronic devices. Thus Erik reduced the flow of harmful chemical and metal waste going to the landfill. Each year, its California company processed 18.6 thousand tons of electronic waste, and among customers were IBM, Motorola and Sprint.

“This is a complex sentence, ” the Washington Post quoted the judge as saying to Eric last year. ” I pay tribute to everything that you tell me.” You are a wonderful person. “

Disks of the stumbling block

Together with the new laptop with preinstalled licensed Windows, consumers in the US get a system restore disk for free. The disk can only be used on a licensed computer, and the license is valid for the entire life cycle of the device. But most consumers just throw them away or lose them. And do not even know that the image of such a disk can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

In 2012, Eric produced 28,000 such discs. He planned to sell them at 25 cents per repair shop. But they were seized by customs officers and never went on sale, an investigation was opened into the case of counterfeiting and copyright infringement.

Lundgren pleaded guilty, but noted that the disks could not harm anyone. Neither Microsoft nor vendors sell such disks.

At first, prosecutors estimated the damage from each disk of $ 300, and the damage to Microsoft – 8.3 million. Later, these figures were reduced to $ 25 from each disk, and they were called potential damage to Windows sales. Although they were only suitable for licensed OS.

“I do not think that at least someone in the courtroom understood what a recovery disk is,” Lundgren said at the hearing. His lawyer stressed that the court decision would be a precedent for Microsoft and other software companies against those who are trying to extend the life cycle of user computers.

“I will go to jail, I accepted it, ” Lundgren said in his final speech. – What does not suit me is that people do not understand why they condemned me. I hope my story will shed some light on the epidemic of electronic waste in the US. Show how waste we are. “

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