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Media: North Korea suspended nuclear tests due to the fact that it destroyed the mountain

Chinese scientists from the Beijing, South China and Hefei universities found damage on the surface of the North Korean mountain Mantapsan, located about 100 kilometers from the border with China. Presumably, they arose because of carrying out nuclear tests in the depths of the mountain, the South China Morning Post reported .

As the scientists noted, the last explosions were launched inside Mantapsana at a depth of 700 meters from the peak in the autumn of 2017. Then a 100-kiloton thermonuclear charge supposedly evaporated the rock in a diameter of 200 meters, and stones that fell at a distance of half a kilometer created characteristic “scars” on satellite images.

The warheads were buried at 700 meters, but this depth was not enough.

Cracks in the mountain surface, according to scientists, can lead to a significant leakage of radiation left after nuclear weapons tests. The consequences of the explosions also increased the risk of an eruption located near the Chinese border volcano Baitoushan.

SCMP noted that the mountain used as a test site is not subject to recovery. This, according to the authors of the publication, could lead to a temporary suspension of the North Korean nuclear tests. At the same time, scientists noted that the DPRK has other polygons, on which it is still possible to organize explosions.

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