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Marketers are fooling again. Photo evidence of “wrong” marketing

What just do not go marketing to lure you into their networks. Sometimes their actions can be perceived with a smile, sometimes – only with anger. Sometimes advertisers, perhaps, are delighted with the decision of one-stage increase of sales invented by them. And the fact that the aftertaste is not very pleasant, they are not particularly concerned.

Resource Boredpanda prepared another collection of “tricks” from the marketing guru. Although most of them came from abroad, Belarusians will also easily recall something similar from their own experience.

I kept thinking: why does the deodorant end so quickly? In the photo – completely new, but without stickers

Well, it’s even a little funny.

Separate garbage collection in Starbucks. They say, then the truck arrives and unloads all the containers into one body. Or is it not in Starbucks do that? ..

Sly advertising for mobile devices with hair “as if on the screen.” A lot of clicks are provided

35% less sugar? Yes, probably. Weight is also 35% less, although it costs the same amount

A new level?

Strawberry smoothies? Just add fresh strawberries, milk and ice

It is beautiful olive oil. Well, how would olive

The set includes: super-bright LED-light bulbs and 2 batteries. No, they do not. But to find out about this is laid at home

Parking is only four bucks. However, there are

And what is there to comment on? The child who received this was very “pleased”

“Cancel deletion?” Of course, I pressed the “delete” button five times in a row quite by accident

Spiderman? Not like that.

The box says “2.3-megapixel camera”. No, actually 1. The box says “Battery for 550 mAh.” No, actually 500 mAh. Read all the annexes to the contracts and agreements on the site. And do not believe what they write on the boxes

The buyer is upset: I thought that a 100 GB flash drive. Naive

In advertising, SpongeBob looked like alive. On the holiday came what is right

The marketing expert was not defined, on how much the volume all the same is more. And more in comparison with what? If with a spherical horse in a vacuum, it constantly changes the volume

Here everything seems to be honest. If you come closer

50% off! But no. Discount up to 50%! But who pays attention to these little things? Especially it is possible one day before to raise the price twice in two

How to compose an infographic. Somewhere we have already seen it

A little bit more – and would have picked up the phone

“Kill me!”

Find your soul mate

What a strange “anlim”. Sounds familiar

Answer the question: “Are you sure you want to delete the program and stop the deletion process?” Yes, but no

The candy is just above the edge!

A new word in mathematics. Photo: Rams123
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