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Karma: hackers hacked the company for hacking the iPhone and demand a ransom in bitcoins

The company GrayShift, which produces GrayKey devices for hacking the iPhone, has now become a victim of data leakage. It is reported that part of the code used in the device fell into the hands of hackers.

Attackers sent the head of the company David Miles a message. It says that hackers are ready to keep the security code behind the transfer of two bitcoins. At the moment this is about $ 19 thousand.

The GrayKey device is able to bypass the protective measures of the new iPhone, including the flagship iPhone X. This also applies to smartphones with current versions of iOS.

The device looks like a small box (in the form of the size of AppleTV), from which two lightning connectors can be seen. The basic version of GrayKey, which works when connected to the Internet, costs $ 15,000. Autonomous modification costs twice as much.

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