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In Denmark, the owner of the sunken home-made submarine was first rescued, and then suspected of murder

The owner of the submarine Peter Madsen. Holiday pictures AP
The owner of the submarine Peter Madsen. Holiday pictures AP

Last updated 13.08 : The Danish police said that the body of the missing journalist on the sunken submarine was not found.

The self-made submarine Nautilus sank near Denmark on August 11. According to police, on board there were two people, the owner and captain of the ship Peter Madsen (Peter Madsen) and a journalist from Sweden, who wrote an article about the invention. The submarine left the port on the evening of August 10 for testing, but never returned to the appointed time.

The search for the submarine began when the young man of the journalist reported her loss to the police. At first they attempted to contact the submarine by radio, but no one answered. Two helicopters and three boats were sent to the rescue operation. The submarine was found in the morning near the town of Bowling alley, south of Copenhagen. From the sinking ship, Madsen was removed, after which it went underwater.

According to the captain of the submarine, the girl was not on the ship. Madsen said that he landed her on the shore of Copenhagen on the evening of August 10 after three hours of sailing and continued traveling alone. The police are looking for witnesses of this version and are looking for the journalist herself, and at the time of the investigation, the submarine’s owner was detained on suspicion of murder. Later he was arrested by the court. Madsen will have to stay in custody until 5 September.

He explains the accident with a problem with the water tank, which was used as a ballast. On August 12, the police plan to lift Nautilus from the bottom to find out the details of what happened.

According to the Associated Press, the missing journalist is 30-year-old Kim Wall (Kim Wall), who has collaborated with many publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian and Vice.

The mini-submarine Nautilus accommodated up to 8 people and was considered at the time of launching in 2008 the largest homemade submarine in the world. Its length is 17.7 meters and its width is 2 meters.

Peter Madsen is one of the founders of the nonprofit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals, which is also involved in launching rockets made by amateurs into space. Nautilus – one of the three submarines built by him.

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