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Google launched mail with a new interface and features

In the first half of the network appeared screenshots and a description of the new interface of the mail service Google. Today the company officially announced the upcoming changes in its blog – the update will gradually appear in all Gmail users. Looking ahead, we can say that the web version of the mail received a lot of “chips” of its mobile version.

In the mail, there really will be a “privacy mode” when the sender can set the lifetime of the message. In this case, the message is not sent directly and the recipient sees a link in the message to the letter. In this case, the question “what to do if the recipient does not have a Gmail box?” Becomes irrelevant. ”

  In the mail for ordinary users, additional tools for managing rights will appear: you can specify which letters can not be redirected, printed, copied. It is clear that if you wish, all these prohibitions can be circumvented, but the degree of security increases, writes The Verge.

In the “privacy mode” you can also increase the degree of paranoia. In this case, the recipient will need to enter a security code, which is sent via a text message to read the letter.

Gmail will also become even more obvious about warning about possible phishing and other types of fraud in letters. The function of deferred reading makes it possible to “hide” the letter until a certain time (using the drop-down menu item for each message), and the attached files will be accessible without opening a letter with them.

There is also a reminder of previously arrived, but unread messages, “smart answers”, a sidebar with “Calendar”, “Notes” and other Google services appeared.

There will be some other changes in the Google Mail interface.

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