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Danish inventor Peter Madsen was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Swedish journalist

Peter Madsen next to the Nautilus, May 31, 2017. Getty Photos
Peter Madsen next to the Nautilus, May 31, 2017. Getty Photos
The Copenhagen court sentenced the Danish inventor Peter Madsen to life imprisonment without the right to parole for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Vall. This is reported by the BBC.

According to the prosecution, Madsen was intent on killing a girl. He planned to either strangle her, or cut her throat. According investigators, he tortured a journalist to satisfy sexual sadistic fantasies, and then separated parts of her body to conceal the crime. To do this, he tied the victim with straps, and then used a saw and screwdriver.

In August, Vall went aboard the Madsen submarine “Nautilus”, designed by the inventor to write material about the ship. The next morning after sending the submarine sank, and Madsen was found by rescuers. When asked where the journalist was gone, he explained that he had landed her on the shore and went on.

Later, Madsen changed the testimony, saying that Vall was killed in an accident – allegedly hit her on the head with a 70-kilogram hatch, after which he decided to dismember her body and “bury her in the sea.” At the trial, Madsen expressed the third version – when the journalist was inside the submarine, pressure fell sharply there, which led to the release of carbon monoxide. The inventor claims that he did not suffer because he was standing on the deck, and when he tried to enter the girl, she was already dead. For some time the captain tried to lift Vall’s body, and then dismembered him and threw him into the water. To this, as explained by the inventor, he went to the sake of “protecting the family journalist.”

On the hard drive of the computer and partially recovered data from the mobile phone (the device sank with a submarine) Madsen discovered 140 videos and links leading to records of tortures and murders of unknown women.

In Denmark, those sentenced to life imprisonment can ask for a UDO in 12 years, but Madsen does not have such an opportunity. On average, life imprisoned spend 16 years behind bars, but this period can be extended as necessary. The inventor did not admit guilt in the murder of Vall and, as psychologists said, did not feel any remorse about her death and dismemberment of the body.

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