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“But then something happened”: Facebook released an advertisement about the scandal due to data leakage

And she promised to return to “what first of all made her a good medium of communication.”

Facebook introduced a video called “Here Together”, in which she told about the scandals in which she fell, and marked the return to her roots. The campaign is designed to remind people why they have opened accounts on the social network.

At the beginning of the video, it is told that on Facebook users found their friends, old school friends, co-workers and relatives. Thus, everyone “felt a little less lonely.” But then “something happened.”

We had to deal with spam, clickbate, fake news and misuse of data. It will change. From now on, Facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. Therefore, we can all return to what first of all made Facebook great: friends.

This is not the only video that the social network plans to launch. Soon Facebook will launch a campaign with slogans: “fake news is not your friends” and “spam is not your friend”. Video is scheduled to be shown on television.

In March, Facebook was in the center of the trial of the illegal use of personal data 50 million social network users. The company Cambridge Analytica collected them bypassing the rules and applied in the election campaign of Donald Trump. According to media reports, Facebook knew about the leak and hid it for several years. Later, a former employee of the social network said that the scale of the “drain” of data is understated: dozens of private firms allegedly extracted personal information from users through a “hole” in the defense and handed over to third parties.

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