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British schoolchildren have forgotten how to determine the time by analog clock

In wailing “from the same young people went” people there was another argument in their favor: it turns outthat schoolchildren do not know how to read the time on the analog clock (which with the arrows). So far, the problem was only found in British educational institutions, but it can be assumed that this is generally characteristic of the younger generation.

The situation has reached the point that in schools in the UK began to change the clock to digital. According to the representative of the Association of School Leaders and Colleges (ASCL) Malcolm Trough, the new watch was used in classes where examinations take place. They say that schoolchildren are in a stressful situation and when they can not understand the time until the end of the test, they become even more nervous.

The reason for this trend is explained simply: children watch time on a smartphone, tablet and computer – as a rule, it is displayed in digital form. Analogue watches are less likely to come to the eye, and it becomes unusual for a person to determine the exact time for them.

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