Apple can name the next smartphone just iPhone

Apple can change the names of future smartphone models to simpler ones. Analysts suggest that the cheap model of the new smartphone will be called the iPhone, the top model will save in the name X, which will indicate its special status. Obviously, one X will not work, as Apple will need to somehow point out the differences between the current iPhone X and the future.

As noted by AppleInsider, the idea is not new: an example can serve as a tablet of an American company. He was an iPad, then came out iPad 2, New iPad and iPad Air, and then again iPad. Therefore, the transition to the simple name iPhone looks logical enough or, at least, not too unexpected.

It is expected that in autumn Apple will present at least three models of the iPhone. This will be a 6.1-inch device with an LCD-screen (with one SIM-card it will be sold at a price ranging from $ 550 to $ 650, a two-pronged phone – $ 650-750), as well as smartphones with 5.8 “and 5.6 “OLED-displays.

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